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Timeline: 180 years of banking technology

A look at the history of retail banking technology—and where it’s going. By Elizabeth Judd ■ Illustrations by Miles Donovan Almost all advances in retail banking within the past century or two owe their existence to a leap forward in technology. Think about the ATM, which amazed the world when it appeared in a London

A bank in a box

At first glance, new banking tech may feel a little anonymous. In reality, it’s a powerful tool for building and bolstering valuable personal relationships with customers. We talk to some community banks that are building entire branches around technology.

Say Hello to Your New Employee

Robo-advisors are nothing to fear. These algorithm-based software systems could be a great way for your community bank to offer wealth management services at a fraction of the cost of setting up a dedicated department or working with a third party. So, is it time to add a robo-advisor to your team?